Russian Hackers News, Articles and Updates

'UK is the most affected country' from hacking per capita in the world

Thousands of British businesses have paid ransoms to Russian hackers who are launching attacks every day and demanding £100,000 to release files.

GIBON Ransomware sold for $500 in Russian dark web forum

The GIBON Ransomware variant was reportedly seen for sale in a dark web criminal forum with a $500 (£380) price tag in a Russian advertisement.

Russian hackers altered Clinton campaign email, part of broader initiative

Guccifer 2.0, widely believed to be an alias for hackers tied to the Russian government, apparently altered at least one document stolen from the Democratic National Committee (DNC), adding the designation "confidential" to the email.

US Justice Dept has evidence to charge Russian officials with DNC hack

More than half a dozen Russian government officials are in the US Justice Department's crosshairs and may be facing charges for hacking computers at the Democratic National Committee during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Election systems in 21 US states hit by Russian hackers says government

21 states were told by the US Department of Homeland Security Friday that their election systems had been the targets of hackers representing the Russian government.

Who cares if the Russians hacked you? How not who is more important

Of the 62 new crypto ransomware families that emerged, 47 can be attributed to Russian-speaking actors says Kaspersky - but does the source of the attack matter?

An open letter to President-Elect Trump from the Internet Security Community

Take Russian hacking seriously and don't use it as a political football, say two security industry pros in open letter to President-elect Donald Trump.

Secure Data 2016: 'Lessons to be learnt from Russian cyberwar'

Sensepost's CSO Charl Van Der Walt, addressed a crowd at the science museum yesterday to explain exactly what Russian warfare doctrine can tell us about protecting the enterprise.

Attackers burn six zero-day exploits in DNC hacks

In just the past year, a Russian hacking gang exploited at least six zero-day vulnerabilities in Windows, Adobe Flash and Java to attack the email servers of the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in the US.

Russia 'offers to rein in WADA hackers' in exchange for dropping sport investigation

Sources close to Russian presidency tell SC's Russia correspondent they can put a stop to Fancy Bear's attacks on World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) if an investigation of Russian sport is halted and atheletes pardoned.

Presidential debate 2016: Candidates pledge cyber-investment, differ on Russia

Clinton pinned hacks at the Democratic National Conference (DNC) on Russia while Trump said attribution is not clear.

Russian MP's son hacks 'millions' of stolen credit cards

Red faces in Red Square after parliamentarian's offspring racks up 38 fraud and theft charges

Voter databases in two US states breached by foreign hackers

The FBI's Cyber Division uncovered evidence that election databases in two US states were hacked.

Attribution: What do we mean when we say Russia?

According to Intelligence officials, cyber-security companies and the Clinton campaign it was 'Russia' who hacked into the Democratic National Committee, but who or what really is 'Russia'?

All's fair in love and war?

It's not just Clinton's campaign that's believed to have been hacked by the Russian state, and collusion with cyber-crime is also suspected. Beyond Russia, it is time to establish new norms for government behaviour online.

Estonia in talks to back up data in UK

Fearing a Russian cyber-attack, Estonia is reportedly negotiating with the UK and Luxembourg governments to store citizen data in the UK.

Guciffer 2.0 denies ties to Russian intelligence - acted at 'own risk'

The eastern European hacker who breached the defences around the DNC networks in America says he's not working for the Russians.

Hackers investing 40% of crime proceeds in new criminal techniques

Cyber-criminals are investing up to 40 percent of their stolen funds in improving and modernising their techniques and criminal schemes according to a recent report issued by cyber-experts at the Russian Ministry of Communications.

Russia´s cyber-operations alter balance of power - tougher response called for

Russia is alterering the balance of power with superior human resources in the cyber-realm and a strategy and will to used them offensively, including via proxies - and lack of western response encourages escalation says Jarno Limnéll.

Corcow Trojan manipulates currency rates

A Russian-language banking Trojan has been found manipulating the ruble-dollar exchange rate

Cyber-police to deter cyber-attacks in Ukraine

The Ukrainian police service has begun hiring officers to fill a new cyber-policing agency in cooperation with the US Department of Justice, according to the country's interior minister.

SCADA hackers reveal endemic ICS vulnerabilities in European rail

Serious flaws in European rail networks are opening trains to theft and derailment according to a group of Russian industrial control specialist hackers known as Scada Strangelove.