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Hacker with Russian intel ties pleads guilty to gmail hacks

After pleading guilty to federal conspiracy and identity theft in November, a hacker with ties to Russian intelligence was sentenced to five years in prison Tuesday for hacking Gmail accounts.

Kaspersky challenges Twitter's decision banning company's ads

Twitter Friday banned Kaspersky Lab ads, pointing to misaligned business practices and what the US government has said is Kaspersky's relationship to Russian intelligence, claims that repeatedly have been denied by the firm.

Gates was in touch with Russian spy during presidential campaign

Former Trump Deputy Campaign Manager Rick Gates knowingly interacted with a former Russian intelligence officer during the 2016 campaign, according to court documents filed Tuesday by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Guccifer 2.0 identified as Russian GRU operative via Moscow IP

Guccifer 2.0 apparently forgot to activate a virtual private network during communications, allowing US investigators to identify the hacker as an intelligence agent at Russia's GRU.

Mueller may be preparing charges against DNC hackers

US Special Counsel Robert Mueller may be building criminal charges against the Russian operatives that hacked the US DNC, Hillary Clinton campaign manager John Podesta and other Democrat-related entities.

Pawn Storm readied attacks against US political and Olympic targets

The cyber-espionage gang Pawn Storm, also known as Fancy Bear and affiliated with Russian intelligence, targeted US senators in a cyber-espionage reminiscent of the one launched against French President Emmanuel Macron.

Ex-NSA worker stole classified data, related to Kaspersky incident

A former NSA employee pleaded guilty to taking classified national defence information that was later stolen by Russian spies.

US Senator pushes for US government wide ban on Kaspersky software

US Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.) is pushing for a US federal government-wide ban of security software developed by Kaspersky Lab.

US Senate committee examines Kaspersky Lab links to Russian government

Reports in ABC News in America claim that the Senate intelligence committee is investigating links between Kaspersky Lab and Russia which could threaten US infrastructure, allegations the company strongly denies.

Kaspersky Lab employee arrested by FSB in Russia on charges of treason

Ruslan Stoyanov was investigating a senior figure within the Russian FSB, who was allegedly receiving money from foreign organisations to assist in cyber-investigations.