Russian man indicted for Dropbox, LinkedIn breach

News by Max Metzger

A Russian man has been indicted for breaching Dropbox, Formspring and LinkedIn. Yevgeniy Aleksandrovich Nikulin, 29, from Moscow was indicted by a grand jury in Oakland, California on 20 October.

Nikulin faces a multitude of charges including three counts of computer intrusion, two of intentional transmission of information, code or command causing damage to a protected computer, two more of aggravated identity theft, one of trafficking in unauthorised access devices and one more of conspiracy.

Nikulin could receive decades in prison if the jury return with a guilty verdict on all the charges amassed against him, as well as fines totalling over US $1 million.

Nikulin was arrested in the Czech Republic on 5 October after an investigation by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation, with assistance from Czech authorities and the US Department of Justice's Criminal Division, Office of International Affairs. As of writing, Nikulin is purportedly still in custody in Prague.

The indictment, issued in Northern California and only recently unsealed, says that Nikulin allegedly hacked into protected computers within LinkedIn, Formspring and Dropbox to steal information and credentials with the apparent idea of then selling that information on. It offers several pieces of evidence including an email exchange with unnamed co-conspirators who said that Nikulin was an effective and reliable broker of stolen user credentials.

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