Russians deny responsibility for cyber-attacks on German parliament

News by Eugene Gerden

Russian officials deny any state involvement in cyber-attacks on Geman parliament.

Russia has officially repudiated all the statements put out by the German intelligence agency blaming the Russian state for the 2015 attacks on the Bundestag, the German Parliament.

This position appears to be well supported in the country: Robert Schlegel, a member of the Russian State Duma and head of Nashi, the pro-Kremlin political youth movement in Russia, told that any accusations of state involvement in conducting such cyber-attacks should be supported by evidence.

According to Schlegel, such accusations occur all the time, however there is no evidence to substantiate them. Schlegel adds that in his view there is a need to pay more attention to the actions of the US and other Western countries in the field of cyber-space, in which special services are directly or indirectly involved in carrying out cyber-attacks on the web-sites of Russian state agencies, as well as of socially important elements of Russia's infrastructure.

The same opinion is voiced by Oleg Demidov, a senior cyber-security analyst at the PIR Center, the Russian cyber-security analysis agency, who told SC that this the first time that Germany (a country which cooperates with Russia in cyber-security) has brought such charges at an official level.

Demidov says that the statements of affilation of Russian hackers with the country's special services has no verification, however Demidov believes that Russian hackers are definitely able to conduct such attacks.

Official representatives of Russian state bodies declined to comment. A spokesman of the Federal Security Service told SC, that the agency does not employ any hacker groups affilated with cyber-attacks on the state bodies of Germany or any other country, while the statements of the German special services and their accussations appear political and are described as groundless.

According to the source, the Federal Security Service will continue to monitor further developments around this issue.

This not the first time that Russia and its special services have been accused of cyber-attacks on Western countries. Several months ago Hillary Clinton said that cyber-attacks on US public institutions by Russia posed a significant threat to the security of the United States and American business.

In addition, in April 2015 Ashton Carter, the US Secretary of Defence, accused Russian hackers of attacks on the web-servers of the Pentagon, as well as the White House and the State Department. According to his statements at that time, the US claimed to have evidence of the affilation of suspected hacker groups with some Russian special services, however, no official data was ever published.

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