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New cross-platform backdoor 'Qrypter' RAT gaining prominence among hackers

A relatively recently launched (two years ago) Java-based remote access tool dubbed "Qrypter" is gaining popularity over existing cross-platform backdoors such as Adwind as an efficient Malware-as-a-Service (MaaS) platform.

Cybersecurity needs to move into cloud faster

As DevOps is becoming DevSecOps, cloud is being put at the heart of cyber-security by some; a cloud-first approach to cyber-security puts you at a starting point of natively operationalising security so it can scale with demand.

Why mobile security apps alone won't turn the tide on cyber-threats

Uptake of mobile security apps is low; with mobile operators reporting typical penetration rates are around three to five percent whereas when connectivity providers offer security-as-a-service, uptake rates are up to 40 to 60 percent.

Security implications of moving Disaster Recovery (DR) to Azure

Azure is very easy to deploy but if ISO27001 processes get overlooked because you get the functionality without doing your homework then the business becomes vulnerable to threats warns Ian Daly.

Why the cloud wasn't 'Shellshocked' and how to prepare for the next vulnerability

Companies should reconsider cloud-security perceptions says Pathik Patel, noting that recent software vulnerabilities such as Shellshock had less affect on cloud-based services than premises-based apps.

BYOD: Facing up to the inevitable

Businesses can accept employee device promiscuity without causing difficulties for IT management, says Centrify's Darren Gross.

Proofpoint acquires SaaS email security provider Maildistiller

Proofpoint has acquired Maildistiller, a provider of SaaS email security solutions to bolster its cloud architecture.