SaaSID has launched the second version of its cloud application manager to offer a unified format for managing user's authentication credentials.

Integrating the management of strong identity credentials, granular application accessibility and intuitive reporting, the company said that Cloud Application Manager 2.0 now provides server-side authentication to prevent logon credentials being sent to devices that might be infected.

SaaSID claims that all usage is now displayed in a dashboard that provides clear visibility of web application use throughout an organisation, while the new software simplifies administration of authentication, feature controls and password management to help CIOs monitor and audit every user interaction with web applications.

Users can also be authenticated and logged into web applications from the SaaSID server, ensuring that credentials are protected from man-in-the-middle malware that might be present on an unsecured device.

Also added is the ability for IT departments to apply their own restrictions to application features, while support is offered for existing two-factor authentication solutions, including technology from RSA, Vasco and ActivIdentity.

Ed Macnair, CEO of SaaSID, said, “The intuitive dashboard makes Cloud Application Manager's auditing capability even more powerful, by providing CIOs with full visibility of employees' web application use, through a single pane of glass.

“We are committed to helping our customers meet the evolving identity, authentication and reporting requirements of the cloud. Cloud Application Manager 2.0 increases visibility and automates security features: putting CIOs back in control of web applications and providing clear proof of governance, risk management and compliance.”