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Canadian data sharing deal with EU could be illegal under European Law

A top EU lawyer has concluded that the EU-Canada PNR agreement which oversees the transfer of information on flight records between the two countries goes against the EU Charter Fundamental Human Rights.

Survey: 34% of privacy pros expect their companies to certify under Privacy Shield

In a new survey, only 34 percent of privacy professionals whose companies transfer data from Europe to the US said that they expected their businesses to adopt the newly approved EU-US Privacy Shield.

European Data Protection Supervisor calls Privacy Shield ineffective

European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) Giovanni Buttarelli said Monday the agreement is ineffective and may crumble under the same scrutiny that brought down Safe Harbour.

47% of EU businesses don't know where their data is located

Almost half (47 percent) of IT leaders in EU-based businesses are unaware of the geographical location of critical and personal data.

Art.29 Working Group says Privacy Shield falls short

Privacy Shield still doesn't adequately address the issue that spelt certain doom for its predecessor, bulk collection.

Leaked information casts doubt on Privacy Shield

Leaked information from the working group reviewing Privacy shield highlights scepticism from within the EU about whether the new privacy regime goes far enough

Privacy shield: Officials give "written assurances" over limiting bulk data collection

The Privacy Shield negotiations have produced an unprecedented agreement between the US and the EU that there will be safeguards against the bulk collection of the EU citizens' data but critics are unconvinced.

Privacy's new clothes

Timothy Edgar suggests that the new Privacy Shield set replace the US-European Union Safe Harbour framework, is no shield at all and will not protect the privacy of European data held in the US.

EU-US Privacy Shield to replace Safe Harbour

Pulina Whitaker examines the new EU-US Privacy Shield replacing the Safe Harbour programme

Electronic Frontier Foundation pokes holes in EU-US Privacy Shield

Digital rights group the Electronic Frontier Forum (EFF) came out swinging last week against the Privacy Shield, the intended successor to the recently invalidated EU-US Safe Harbour agreement.

President Obama signs Judicial Redress Act into law

President Obama Wednesday signed the Judicial Redress Act into law, a key step to enacting Safe Harbour 2 by allowing EU citizens to use US courts to challenge abuse of their data.

Legislation threatens security research and privacy, claims report

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has released its hefty annual cyber-risk report, stating that well-intentioned legislation is putting cyber-security research and privacy at risk.

Updated: EU Privacy Shield soon to be finalised

Privacy Shield's long awaited final draft will be done by the end of this month. SC talked to some of those in the industry who will fall under its dominion

EU-US Safe Harbour agreed - for now

A last minute agreement on EU-US Safe Harbour transatlantic data transfers has been announced, but civil liberties objections are expected by those who believe initial concerns are not fully addressed.

Data transfers after Schrems: discord in the EU

The EU Court of Justice's Schrems decision essentially declared the US-EU Safe Harbour to be invalid. However, the immediate practical consequences of Schrems remain unclear say lawyers at White & Case.

2 Minutes On: Safe Harbour ruled invalid

The data-sharing agreement known as Safe Harbour was ruled invalid on 6 October by the Court of Justice of the European Union, with widespread ramifications for organisations ranging from cloud computing providers to multinational companies that move information across the Atlantic.

Safe Harbour: no decision yet, but that shouldn't mean no action yet

Since the scrapping of Safe Harbour businesses have been in limbo when it comes to data transfer with many companies sitting tight until a decision is reached, but, says Michael Hack, that course of action isn't advisable.

EU will have right to suspend data pact with US

A suspension clause has been inserted into the proposed replacement of the Safe Harbour arrangement that would authorise the EU to suspend transfers should it suspect the US of not doing enough to guarantee the privacy of individuals' personal information.

What the EU's Safe Harbour ruling means for European businesses

Mike Fey recalls the European Court of Justice invalidating the agreement between EU and US organisations on data transfer on 6 October.

ICYMI: Windows deprecating SHA-1; Apps leaking data; Safe Harbour II; Auto-rooting adware; Apple Pay

In Case You Missed It: the most popular articles from the past seven days. Windows accelerates SHA-1 deprecation, Too many apps leaking personal data, Safe Harbour 2 coming soon, Apps auto-rooting Android devices, and Bank warning to Apple Pay users.

ISSE Berlin: Safe Harbour II initial agreement expected

Delegates at ISSE in Berlin were told that agreeement on Safe Harbour II is expected by the end of January.

CISA - what are the international implications?

The US congress just passed into law The Cyber-security Information Sharing Act, also known as CISA, in the last couple of days.

Facebook under investigation by Irish DPC for spying accusations

The Irish Data Protection Commissioner agreed to inspect accusations that Facebook exposes the personal data of its users to mass snooping by US intelligence services.

Enforcement action inevitable if post-Safe Harbour agreement not found

European authorities are looking for ways to reauthorise the export of EU citizens' data to the US in the wake of the CJEU court decision which ruled Safe Harbour unsafe.

Updated: Safe Harbour ruled invalid by European Court of Justice

In a decision with widespread implications for the international transfer and processing of data - and the companies that provide these services - the European Court of Justice has ruled the EU-US Safe Harbour pact invalid. Experts are warning of massive disruption to international business.

Safe Harbour agreement on the block as ECJ court threatens to axe it

The 2000 Safe Harbour agreement between the European Union and the United States looks likely to be tossed in the shredder by the European Court of Justice.