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SafeGuard MailGateway v5.2


Utimaco Safeware



£7,000 including server and user licences for 50 users

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Strengths: SafeGuard MailGateway offers highly flexible and customisable email encryption

Weaknesses: The product is difficult to administrate and manage

Verdict: An interesting solution that needs some work on management and policy development.

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Utimaco's SafeGuard MailGateway brings together many useful features for email security and management. Its main focus is to make everything centralised, so you can use it to manage all certificates, as well as email security and email signing policy.

We found this product to be difficult to use. We were provided with the installation disk by the vendor and had to install it on one of our servers. The installation went fairly smoothly and setup questions were easy to understand. However, once the device was installed and put into the network, administration was quite difficult.

Before we could even log into the web console we had to change our web browser settings and, once logged in, we found the web interface confusing and complicated. This product comes stripped down to bare bones and it is up to the administrator to configure it from scratch, without any wizards to simplify this task. Setup is comprised of searching through manuals and going step by step, an arduous process.

SafeGuard MailGateway offers average performance. Not only was it difficult to set up, but management was awkward as well. Policy configuration is complex and confusing, and integration into the environment was difficult too. This solution offers OpenPGP signing and S/MIME encryption, which is a step in the right direction.

Documentation comes in the form of two PDF guides, an installation guide and an administration manual. The former does a nice job of clearly laying out installation of the software, along with a hardware compatibility list. The administration guide picks up from there and is well-organised, with plenty of screenshots and diagrams.

Utimaco offers a support plan at the cost of 20 per cent of the product price. This includes both online and phone support. Also available on the website is a small support area with FAQs and documentation.

At a price of £7,000 for the server licence and user licences for 50 users before the hardware is purchased, we find this product to be a less than average value for the money. The combined cost of the product and the difficulty of management makes this product an imperfect investment.

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