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£20-£46 per seat

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Strengths: User-friendly, very easy to manage the vast number of protection options available

Weaknesses: No whole disk encryption - that may or may not be a weakness

Verdict: Excellent product at a great price point

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Safend Data Protection Suite is an encryption (and endpoint protection) software solution that consists of a centralised management console that runs on IIS and .NET, a Microsoft SQL Server backend and client software components. The software does not provide whole disk encryption (PBA for the whole disk), but focuses on protecting confidential data by encrypting everything that is not a system or program file.

The management console was installed on our Windows Server 2003 platform and was one of the most straightforward products to install and configure. The initial installation allows the administrator to start importing objects from AD (or Novell's eDirectory), including users, OUs, groups and computers. Safend also includes messages to remind you that certain activities are important. This was a very nice touch during configuration.

Policies are very easy to create, and several default compliance-based policies are included out of the box (HIPAA, SOX etc). Granular white lists or black lists can be created, allowing an organisation to block or allow wireless access points, USB ports, optical drives, and access to specific file types. Policy is then pushed to clients with the click of a button, or automatically every 90 minutes. The console offers in-depth reporting and logging. The information within the reports and logs is detailed and will satisfy even the most demanding reporting requirements. All in all, the product has an excellent set of centrally managed features.

The documentation included with the product is in PDF format and was very impressive. The screenshots are detailed and important notes about setup and admin tasks are highlighted to assist administrators with critical tasks. The website contains a knowledgebase as well as FAQs.

Basic, no-cost 8/5 phone and email support is available for the first year. Additional support tiers are available, ranging from 20 per cent to 35 per cent of the product cost. Although the product does not provide whole disk encryption, for organisations looking to centrally manage the encryption of certain folders and confidential data, the price point makes it an excellent choice.

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