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£7-£19 per seat depending on the size of the organisation (perpetual licence)

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Strengths: The Safend auditor performed well and kept us abreast on what was happening on the network

Weaknesses: Dashboard is a little cluttered

Verdict: A mid-priced offering with some unique bells and whistles

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Safend Protector is an offering that is less of a suite of products and more of a unified application. If we were to place it into a specific category, we would place it in the category of protecting information leakage by blocking removable storage and peripherals. The tool detects and allows restriction of devices by device type, model or even specific serial number.

The software permits security administrators to either block all storage devices completely, permit read-only, or encrypt all data on devices. It also allows monitoring, blocking and logging files that are downloaded to or read from these devices.

Safend Protector creates forensic logs of all data moving in and out of the organisation, allowing administrators to create policies that don't always restrict device usage, but allow full visibility device activity and traffic.

Alerting administrators to security breaches is possible via the console. Safend Protector Client can be installed silently on all endpoints. The policy distribution to endpoints can be handled by the Safend Server via SSL or by using Active Directory's Group Policy Management Console, Novell's eDirectiory or by using a third-party tool that your organisation has for distributing software.

Once policies have been distributed, the client starts protecting ports on that computer without requiring a reboot.

In addition to the features mentioned, the product also includes Safend Auditor, a tool that allows for easier administration. We found the Auditor to be one of the more impressive components of the Safend Protector suite.

We were also impressed by the support of many Microsoft clients, including the less frequently used 64-bit version of XP and Vista.

The documentation consisted of standard PDF files.

The company offers eight hours a day, five days a week and 24/7 support, depending on the agreement (often at no cost).

The Safend Protector varies in price depending on the quantity purchased. This puts it in the middle of the price range for devices tested this month.

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