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SafeNet DataSecure 4.6


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Strengths: Appliance-based. Centralised capabilities to apply encryption policies across different applications

Weaknesses: Limited to Windows 2003

Verdict: Excellent concept, but would benefit from increased features and additional operating system support

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SafeNet DataSecure File System Connector 4.6 is an appliance-based solution that helps to secure sensitive information located on file servers, databases and applications. Currently, Windows 2003 is supported for securing file shares, but various flavours of databases (Oracle, DB2, MS SQL) and applications (z/OS, JCE, .NET, etc) can be secured via software connectors. The appliance is coupled with a software component installed on Windows 2003 servers that works in conjunction with the hardware.

We were able to set up in a few minutes, entering the basic networking information, then using the web interface for the rest of the configuration. Installing and configuring our Windows 2003 test server to integrate with the appliance was fairly straightforward. Although initial setup went well, we found the documentation out of order describing the logical tasks for connecting policies to users.

After becoming familiar with the interface, we found managing the different connector pieces and policies fairly straightforward. The web-based interface is easy to navigate and contains several useful features for controlling how encryption is used and the various permissions for encrypting, decrypting or blocking access to files. We definitely like the general idea of using a hardware appliance for managing keys and policies across different platforms in a disparate environment, which is what SafeNet is attempting to achieve with DataSecure.

Documentation for both the setup of the appliance and installation/configuration of the software was adequate. The appliance contains help files that are linked through the web interface. Tasks in the user guide could have been a bit clearer.

Pricing starts at £22,950 and this includes both the hardware and software components. Support options include basic 8/5 phone, email and web-based support, as well as additional support levels from 15 per cent to 20 per cent of the purchase price. The concept of centralised management of encryption policies across multiple platforms is a good one, but we would like to see more operating systems supported, to increase the value and express the overall vision.

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