SafeNet hardware security module works with Microsoft SQL Server 2008

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SafeNet has announced that its Luna SA hardware security module can now work with Microsoft SQL Server 2008.

SafeNet has announced that its Luna SA hardware security module can now work with Microsoft SQL Server 2008.

According to SafeNet, the SQL server is a relational database management system that provides organisations with a secure data platform for storing and managing sensitive data. Integration will enable customers to store the server's master cryptographic keys within the hardware solution and not the software.

The Luna SA is a network-attached HSM for applications where security and performance are the priority and can be leveraged by many servers, offering the ability to securely partition and share the HSM resource and extend the data platform environment in a cost-effective manner.

In addition to the Luna SA, SafeNet is also enabling its Luna PCI HSM to work with SQL Server 2008. The Luna PCI is a high-security cryptographic PCI accelerator card that is embedded directly into the database server for added security and provides accelerated cryptographic performance and CPU offload.


Derek Tumulak, vice president of product management, SafeNet, said: “Storing keys in software is risky to an organisation's data, and to its compliance standing—especially under mandates like PCI DSS where best-practice standard suggests organisations protect cryptographic keys separately and apart from cardholder data. Secure key management and encryption are the most challenging parts of data protection and compliance.”


Mark Jewett, director of SQL Server marketing at Microsoft, said: “SafeNet's Luna SA provides organisations using SQL Server 2008 additional security features to help meet today's ever-evolving data threats and compliance mandates. Organisations can add a layer of security technology that protects keys to be separate from the data it protects while accelerating complex features such as key rotation.”


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