SafeNet has announced the launch of StorageSecure, a network attached storage solution that encrypts data granularly over the network.

According to the company, StorageSecure offers users the benefits of improved governance and data security for data which is at rest and also segregates data stored in shared NAS environments to ensure that each user's data is effectively isolated.

Developed in partnership with NetApp, the companies claimed that administrators can access high-value data without affecting their day to day job, enable effective data shredding when needed and demonstrate trustworthy audit trail for all StorageSecure-protected data access events.

The solution also integrates with SafeNet's Enterprise Key Management solution, KeySecure, which enables security teams to centrally and uniformly manage cryptographic keys across a variety of encryption platforms.

Sangeeta Anand, corporate vice president and general manager of the Data Protection Business Unit at SafeNet, said: “As data volumes proliferate and breaches become a more common occurrence, organisations need to employ a new mindset that will help protect their digital assets from internal and external threats.

“StorageSecure does just that, by employing intelligent storage encryption and high-assurance key management to existing storage solutions. This helps organisations play proactive defense and keep structured and unstructured data safe, secure against insider threats and remain compliant with stringent industry regulations.”