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SafeNet ProtectDrive 8.4


SafeNet Inc.

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Strengths: Good set of features and configuration options

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Verdict: Solid overall value for money. SC Magazine awards this product its Recommended rating

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SafeNet ProtectDrive is a software-based encryption solution that uses a client/server-based architecture for full disk encryption. The server component integrates with Microsoft Active Directory. Client components are installed on Windows-based operating systems. The server component manages all client configurations and policies and is pushed down via objects created using the familiar Windows-based MMC interface.

We installed the product on our Windows 2003 test server and ran the necessary tools to prepare our schema for the pending extensions. ProtectDrive offers an option to use an instance of ADAM or to integrate directly with AD by extending the schema. Installation of the server components was effortless, and the client installation on our Windows XP SP2 test machine went relatively easy as well. SafeNet recommends pushing the MSI install using a third-party software distribution tool.

ProtectDrive performed admirably and comes with all the features you would expect. Pre-boot authentication, multi-factor authentication support, disaster recovery and other options are all standard as part of the solution. We liked the integration with Active Directory, and the option to manage our client machines remotely using the server tools, or locally using a unique client configuration on a per-host basis. When policy was updated or changed, we were able to monitor the status of various aspects of our client configuration through the management console. Encryption is available in various flavours of AES, as well as Idea.

Supporting documentation was contained in numerous PDF files, which were very detailed and helped us through installation and configuration tasks. The SafeNet support website contains a customer portal and FAQs, as well as contact information.

Pricing for ProtectDrive starts at £51.40 per seat for 500-999 users. Support options include basic 8/5 phone, email and web-based, as well as additional levels that range from 15 per cent to 20 per cent of the purchase price. The per-seat value of ProtectDrive is very competitive, given its feature set. It wins our Recommended rating.

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