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Strengths: Integrates several types of biometrics under one management station

Weaknesses: Can be pricey to build from the ground up

Verdict: This is the glue that holds a heterogeneous biometric implementation together

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IdentiPHI's SAFsolution 5 Enterprise Edition builds a platform on which an enterprise can integrate biometrics into the existing environment. It features integration in Active Directory for management and interoperability across several different types of biometric devices.

SAFsolution can be used to add biometrics to the workstation logon, or to authenticate to Citrix published applications and desktops, or to Windows Terminal Server and Remote Desktop client sessions.

The product was easy to install on the server software on our Windows Server, and the client software and device drivers on our Windows XP workstation.

The system is managed through the Administration Console, which is simplistic and a little awkward to use at first, but we found it was simple to manage policies.

The SAFsolution does not tie itself to any single type of biometric. Instead, it can manage several biometric types for various applications across the environment.

In our test, we used a simple fingerprint reader for workstation logon, but the sky is the limit for this device. It can tie into biometric readers, from fingerprint scanners to optical scanners, and this flexibility allows the enterprise to customise biometrics to individual requirements, rather than having to adhere to a single type.

A PDF administration guide details product installation and configuration on both the server and client side. Also included are an installation guide and some integration manuals, showing configurations for integrating the product into applications.

Technical support is provided as part of standard, software maintenance. Two models are available - a standard software maintenance and support agreement for 20 per cent of the software purchase price, or a per-incident support model.

At a price of £39 per user before hardware, this product offers good value for money.

While hardware is not included, this would be a good product for environments that need to incorporate several methods of biometrics and need something with which to centrally manage all of them.

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