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How Organisations Can Better Protect Customer Data from Insider Threats

Dana Simberkoff discusses what organisations can learn from the Sage incident and how to stop insider threats in their tracks through policy creation and internal safeguards

ICYMI: Russian cyber-weapons, Sage breach, the skills gap, team viewer and more Snowden

This week: cyber weapons of the battlefield, TeamViewer being used for nefarious ends, an insider breach at Sage, How to close the skills gap and some fascinating insight from the leaker of all leakers.

Woman arrested in connection with Sage investigation

City of London Police arrested a woman who works for Sage on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud. The arrest occurred at Heathrow Airport.

Sage suffers data breach from insider

Software company Sage has reportedly suffered a data breach orchestrated by an insider of the company. The police are investigating and the ICO has been informed.