Sainsbury's Finance offers free download of Prevx SafeOnline to customers

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Sainsbury's Finance is to offer its online banking customers free online security courtesy of Prevx SafeOnline.

Sainsbury's Finance is to offer its online banking customers free online security courtesy of Prevx SafeOnline.

It will aim to protect its customers against phishing, DNS poisoning, screen grabbing, man-in-the-browser attacks and keystroke logging. Customers can download the technology for free to ensure their personal information, including passwords and payment card details, is protected at all times across the internet.

In addition, Sainsbury's Finance customers will receive vital information educating them about the importance of securing their online lifestyles.

Stuart McKeggie, head of credit cards at Sainsbury's Finance, said: “As a leading supermarket bank serving the needs of consumers up and down the country, we feel we have a duty to ensure people know how to stay safe when servicing their credit card and savings accounts online. Maintaining the trust and confidence of our customers is critical; so providing the best possible security we can, at no extra charge, is very important to us."

Mel Morris, CEO of Prevx, said: “In an age where many PCs are connected to the internet 24 hours a day, protecting the browser is absolutely critical. It's not just about protecting individual websites from cyber criminals.

“To truly combat online fraud, PCs must be protected on all websites at all times. There is no reason why the internet should be synonymous with online fraud – consumers should be able to browse safe in the knowledge that their personal information is still private. This is why we're delighted to provide Sainsbury's Finance customers with the technology and most importantly know-how to do just that.”


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