Sainsbury's tries something new today with mobile device management
Sainsbury's tries something new today with mobile device management

Good Technology has announced that Sainsbury's has adopted its Good for Enterprise technology, allowing the supermarket's 150,000 UK staff to connect securely to its network.

According to Good Technology, this will provide a stronger and more reliable mobile enterprise software platform to enable access to corporate data in a safe, secure and managed way.

Rob Fraser, IT director at Sainsbury's, cited the need for its area managers to be able to use one mobile device on-the-go for managed, unfettered and secure email access – in order to avoid the habit of juggling corporate information through multiple platforms and devices.

Fraser said: “Managing information quickly and efficiently is at the heart of any successful retailer, and Sainsbury's is committed to providing its colleagues with the mobile solutions they need to enable them to provide great service to its customers

“Meeting the diverse needs of our customers is no longer going to happen just from a remote office – it's going to increasingly happen using mobile devices. Good Technology will give us the edge for success.”

Andrew Jacques, general manager at Good Technology UK, said: “Sainsbury's is a great example of a market leader that wishes to further embrace the use of mobile devices in an enterprise setting to maximise efficiencies and productivity.

“Corporate leaders like Sainsbury's no longer have to look at the explosion of personal smartphones in the workplace as a problem, but rather as a solution and a critical tool for growth and expansion, if managed the right way. With Good for Enterprise, Sainsbury's has the right toolkit to embrace the bring-your-own-device trend and leverage it for its next phase of growth.”