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Saint Vulnerability Scanner and Penetration Test Tool


Saint Corporation



£1,910 for a Class C licence

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Strengths: Full-featured vulnerability scanning and penetration testing

Weaknesses: Can only be installed on Linux

Verdict: A top performer with a solid pedigree and excellent value for the money

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Saint Vulnerability Scanner and Penetration Test does not only do vulnerability scanning across a vast number of platforms, including Windows, Linux and Unix, as well as routers and anything else with an IP address, but it can also try to exploit and penetrate those vulnerabilities using a penetration tool, giving an all-round overview of network vulnerability.

It is installed only on Linux operating systems, but to install it you do not need to be a Linux guru. We installed it in just minutes on our Fedora Core 6 and were ready to go. The interface of the console is easy to use and intuitive to navigate. The only place where we found ourselves a little confused was creating the licence key. The key is created by logging into the Saint website, filling out a form, and then we had to save the html page as a .key file and put it into the Saint directory. This seems like an awfully lengthy process just for a licence key.

However, the rest of the product is a solid performer. Setting up and running the scans is easy and scans can be customised in various ways. After a scan ran, we were able to go directly to a full set of predefined reports and templates and reports could be created quickly and easily.

Documentation is a single PDF manual that provides information for the product from installation through using and configuring product features. While this document is well organised and easy to follow, there are no real visuals or step-by-step instructions. It is written in paragraph format and it can be difficult to extract how to use the product at times.

Saint includes phone and email technical support in the base price. Customers can also get 24/7 support at an additional cost of 10 per cent of the price. There is also a large support area on the website that includes product documentation, video tutorials and a FAQ section.

At a price just over £1,900 for a full Class C licence, this product is excellent value for the money. It provides not only vulnerability scanning but also penetration testing, along with an easy-to-use console. We have watched this evolve from a freeware product ages ago and if the documentation was a bit more complete, this would have been a top contender.

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