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Will the supply of skilled Information security analysts match the demand?

Tapping into this huge talent pool [of non-traditional cyber-sec staff] will not be easy, but steps are being taken to make the cyber-security field more appealing to these populations, including teaching girl scouts about cyber-security.

ICYMI: Symantec cert fraud; FSB arrest; Lloyds DDoS; Salary survey; Scada vulnerabilities

In Case You Missed It: Symantec illegal certs; Kaspersky employee arrest; Lloyds DdoS, SC 2017 salary survey; GE Scada vulnerabilities

Most cyber-criminals earn $US1K to US$3K a month, report

It's not that organised cybergangs are raking it in. It's more that a larger number of small operators are benefiting from automated services that can earn them an average of $2,000 (£1593) a month, according to a new report .

ICYMI: McAfee security manager, cybersec salaries, Conficker worm, embedded XP; JD Wetherspoon breach

The latest In Case You Missed It (ICYMI) looks at McAfee security manager failure; 2016 cybersec salaries up; Conficker in 20% of attacks; Embedded XP end-of-life; Wetherspoon breach took 15 mins.

Updated: 2016 will be a very good year for cyber-security professionals

Christmas comes early and often for cyber-security professionals as Manpower releases labour survey showing how they can command day rates of £3000-£10,000.

Women in security earn up to 30% more than men, finds report

A new report has found that women in information security typically earn more than their male counterparts.

Cyber-pros get big salary rises

But skills shortage means companies have to hire more and more 'green' information security staff.