Members of staff are the main cause of security breaches and data loss.


A recent survey by Clavister revealed that sales and fieldwork staff were the most likely to cause a breach, while the personal assistant is one of the least likely to pose a security risk to the business.


The survey results revealed that only one per cent of IT directors cited PAs as the type of employee that poses the biggest IT security risk to the company they work for.  However sales, fieldwork operational staff are among those most likely to pose a security risk to the business, as is someone who is lazy.


Andreas Asander, VP product management at Clavister, said: “Companies have to act responsibly when it comes to protecting their business, including employees, partners, customers and suppliers. Network security and technology plays a big part in this, but ultimately, so do its employees.


“Understanding the characteristics of the people most likely to create a security incident will be useful when recruiting staff. It is important that we assess how much of a risk the candidate poses.”