Salvation Army selects Mimecast for anti-spam

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The Salvation Army has selected email management to eliminate the threat from spam and improve security.

The Salvation Army has selected email management to eliminate the threat from spam and improve security.

Implemented in January 2009, the Mimecast email management system has already identified and removed around 40,000 spam emails every day. The solution was primarily implemented to combat the very high levels of spam email (up to 90 per cent of all incoming emails) that were being received by the charity.

The charity was looking for a way to reduce the time associated with managing email and ensure that all communication was secure. There were also concerns that any filtering system might incorrectly identify legitimate emails as spam, resulting in delays in receiving important or sensitive information.

Martyn Croft, CIO for The Salvation Army UK territory with the Republic of Ireland, said: “By using Mimecast's unified email we can drastically reduce spam email. In fact, our employees are so impressed with the service that they are surprised if they now receive even a single spam email. They have now come to expect this as the norm.

“The benefits gained through this service were immediately apparent and even the implementation was seamless. Because of the success of this project so far, we look forward to taking advantage of Mimecast's additional services such as email archiving and continuity that can retrieve over ten years worth of emails within just a couple of seconds. I can't imagine anyone not wanting this service once they see it in action.”

Peter Bauer, CEO of Mimecast, said: “As with corporates, charities also require advanced and robust IT systems to manage areas such as their email and security. And, with the number of threats via email continuing to grow, organisations must be on high alert and well prepared to deal with these.

“This project demonstrates how an effective Security-as-a-Service model can help organisations such as The Salvation Army UK territory avoid these threats and focus on their core objectives.”


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