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The incredible opportunities and risks of the Internet of Things

Businesses cannot allow a lack of collaboration among internal departments to inhibit their ability to fully realise the potential afforded by future-facing technologies.

Samsung Tizen OS found to contain over 40 zero-day vulnerabilities

Samsung's smart device operating system, Tizen - designed to replace Google's Android OS - is the "worst code" ever seen, says security researcher.

Researcher warns of flaws in Samsung Pay tokenisation and mag stripe features

A researcher claims to have found vulnerabilities in Samsung Pay's tokenisation mechanism and its magnetic secure transmission (MST) technology that could allow hackers to steal users' tokens and make fraudulent purchases.

UMICH researchers remotely pick locks of Samsung SmartThing connected home systems

In a series of attacks, University of Michigan researchers hacked into Samsung SmartThing connected home systems and remotely unlocked doors.

Inkjet can spoof mobile fingerprint security

Two researchers at Michigan State University have succesfully spoofed security on two models of smartphone using a mere inkjet printer.

Shhhh, not in front of the TV...Samsung clarifies Smart TV privacy policy

Samsung clarified its privacy policy after an activist pointed out language in an earlier version that alluded to the devices' eavesdropping ability.

Dutch watchdog sues Samsung over lack of Android security updates

Consumer group in the Netherlands sends in the lawyers over Samsung's allegedly "poor software update policy for Android smartphones".