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Sanctuary Device Control v4.1



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Strengths: Easy deployment with a lot of flexibility and highly effective network integration

Weaknesses: The management interface can be difficult to navigate when first using the product

Verdict: Very strong product with good feature set. Best Buy

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This is part of a much larger suite of products that all fall into the Sanctuary line. While Device Control can secure against many I/O devices including firewire, WiFi, and Bluetooth, it also has excellent control of USB devices such as thumb drives. It can block USB devices based on policy setup for either a single user, group of users, or a computer. It works on the basis of whitelisting devices and can also provide encryption to removable media.

We found this product to be fairly easy to use. The installation process is guided by an HTML document that provides a step-by-step deployment process with live links to the executables and installers needed at specific points in the installation. Once the product is set up, the management interface is a bit overwhelming at first, with a slightly confusing layout. However, after spending a few minutes getting used to this console you begin to discover how powerful this solution really is.

With easy integration into either an Active Directory domain or a Novell network, this product has excellent flexibility. Device Control can work directly with the already created groups, users, or computers in your current domain providing extended permissions based on drives or ports. Client deployment is easy and can be done via the deployment console, manually or by using a domain group policy object via Active Directory.

Device Control has several pieces of useful documentation including setup guides, architecture layouts and quick deployment guides, all of them easy to read and navigate.

Product support and maintenance are included in the purchase price. Professional services are available for policy assessment and development, as well as product implementation. SecureWave offers a technical class for administrators, which includes two days of classroom training. The website offers many resources, including downloads, demos, and a knowledge base.

We find this product to be great for all environments. With integration into both Microsoft and Novell- based networks it provides excellent flexibility to work with whatever network structure is already in place. For its flexibility and strong features we award this our Best Buy.