Sandbox News, Articles and Updates

DarkSky botnet spotted evading security measures

A new botnet has been discovered by security researchers that has anti-virtual machine capabilities to evade security controls such as a sandbox.

QEMU flaw forces sandbox tool to classify malware as benign

By triggering the recently discovered CVE-2017-12809 vulnerability in QEMU before malicious behaviour occurs, an attacker can force security products to classify malicious files as benign.

Locky ransomware back in huge spam campaign; new variant escapes sandbox

Locky ransomware is back, being pushed out to victims in a concerted spam campaign. Security researchers have also discovered a variant of the ransomware that attempts to evade analysis by security firms using new approach.

Google App Engine adjustment cues vulnerabilities in Java

An adjustment in the Google App Engine (GAE) for Java carried out by Google is still prompting security concerns.