Sandboxing News, Articles and Updates

'Tis the Season ....for online fraud?

If you can't rely on sophisticated sandboxes to protect the enterprise environment anymore, what's left? One tactic that provides a lot of promise is Web isolation, a scheme that renders content in an isolated environment.

Ursnif banking Trojan targets Australia with new evasive macros

On 19 September, the TA530 group sent personalised emails utilising company names, personal names, titles and more to deliver malicious Word documents.

How can security vendors reduce their own attack surface?

Following the news that Trend Micro's Password Manager would allow hackers to execute malicious code we ask, how secure are security applications?

Sandbox reliance is virtual insanity

Traditional email sandboxing techniques are increasingly unable to defend all employees against evolving threats, says Neil Murray

Flaw in managed app configuration on iOS devices puts corporate data at risk

"Quicksand" sandbox vulnerability could enable rogue apps

The death of anti-virus

Symantec's announcement that 'anti-virus is dead' shouldn't surprise anyone. What's shocking is how long it took to admit it.

FireEye buys Mandiant for US$ 1 billion to counter growing cyber threat

FireEye taps its IPO cash pile to acquire data forensics specialist.

Understanding the role of hacktivism

Check Point VP says individual hacking actions are not always criminal

McAfee moves into advanced malware detection arena, with new sandboxing technology

McAfee has announced the acquisition of ValidEdge to add sandboxing technology to its anti-malware offering.