SanDisk Corporation and McAfee have joined to offer anti-malware protection in the Cruzer Enterprise.


Cruzer Enterprise safeguards all files stored on the drive with advanced hardware-based 256-bit AES encryption. It is an ‘always on' safeguard that blocks malware from entering the secure USB flash drive even when the device is used outside of the firewall.


The link with McAfee will protect users from infection with an automatic anti-malware scan that prohibits file transfers to the secure USB drive when it detects infection on a host PC.


The addition of McAfee Scan Engine and virus definition files (DATs) prevents malware from attaching itself to the portable drive and in turn, infecting the internal enterprise host. The scan engine examines every file saved or copied to the USB flash drive.


Roy Ramati, vice president and general manager, Enterprise Division at SanDisk, said: “Adding McAfee's technology to our security solutions for the enterprise enables our customers to extend their security perimeter to mobile storage.”


Christopher Bolin, executive vice president and chief technology officer, McAfee, said: “The McAfee Scan Engine has been battle-tested over many years and is the foundation of McAfee's anti-malware solutions. SanDisk Enterprise Cruzer customers can rest assured that they have reliable and accurate detection from malicious code.”