Reports have claimed that Sarah Palin is to testify in the trial of the person who accessed her personal email account.

SC Magazine reported in September 2008 that the Anonymous group had announced that it had gained access to Palin's Yahoo account, and among the files sent to WikiLeaks were five screenshots from the, an address book and two digital photos of Palin's family.

The incident has served as a benchmark for password security, as the hackers were able to access Palin's email account by figuring out her password from publicly known information about her school, age and family.

The report by the Knoxville news, claimed that she is to testify in a US district court next month when University of Tennessee student David C. Kernell stands trial on charges involving Palin's personal Yahoo! email account.

As prosecutors claim that she is the alleged victim, her presence is guaranteed and Kernell's defence attorney, Wade Davies, wants Palin to bring any documents relating to that account - when it was opened, how it could be accessed and why and who was allowed to use it.

An interview late last year between a blogger and a hacker showed how humble the hacker can be when pressed over why they hacked into someone's account. Whether the one-time vice president nominee is likely to make Kernell feel as small is unlikely, but if Palin does attend the hearing and prove an invasion of privacy led to her being a victim the law could come down heavily on Kernell, and set a precedent for the future.