Business intelligence and analytics company SAS has acquired IDeaS Revenue Optimization, provider of advanced revenue-management software for the hospitality industry.


SAS now has a leading revenue-management offering designed specifically for the travel and hospitality industries while IDeaS customers will benefit from the global resources of SAS, a $2 billion company.


IDeaS delivers solutions via “software as a service.” Customers access applications over the Internet, eliminating costs for new hardware and software installation while software upgrades are updated online.


Bill Carroll, senior lecturer at Cornell University School of Hotel Administration, said businesses can significantly increase their success with revenue management. “Effective revenue management is an essential tool, process and discipline for nearly all asset managers who serve customer demand that varies by market segment, season and economic cycle. Getting it right can make the difference between profitability and non-profitability. An RM system based on advanced analytics is critical to any firm's overall revenue-management strategy.”


Ed Booth, CEO and chairman of IDeaS, said: “Customers of neither company are locked into long-term licenses, so we both have to earn our customers' business on a daily basis. We have sought for some time to expand our scope beyond hospitality applications and SAS, with a corporate culture remarkably similar to ours, will provide IDeaS with the resources to stretch its wings.”