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£3.50 per end system a month and £7.50 per server a month

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Strengths: High protection that is very difficult to fool

Weaknesses: None that we found during this group test

Verdict: A novel approach to managing malware that we found quite effective and attractively priced. Recommended

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Savant takes a completely different view of the problem of malware. Its solution looks at changes in an application's fingerprint that may indicate that the application has been altered. Also, users can designate a state - called "battleship mode" - where no new application is allowed without user intervention. New or unapproved applications will be removed.

We found this product to be quite easy to use and deploy. The management console features an intuitive and uses an easy-to-navigate layout. Configuration is equally quick and simple.

The layout of the console has several management and reporting options that, once selected, open a tab-top window where further options can be set. The configuration options include the ability to set up granular filters and application maintenance.

The product creates hashes for each application based on a cryptographic algorithm and constantly validates the key when applications are launched. We found this to be a great form of protection against threats. If the keys are changed in any way, the application is quarantined and the threat of viruses, worms, Trojans and so on are extinguished. The valid key is required for the application to have access to CPU cycles. If the key is invalid, or does not exist, the application will not execute.

Documentation consists of an easy to follow, two-page installation guide, with the remainder of the documentation built into the product itself. The information is built in as a massive help file that can provide specific, on-demand help.

There is a full range of support options available from the website. These options include FAQs, email support requests and live support during US office hours using online chat. We found the support options excellent.

The Savant Protection-Enterprise Management System is great value for the money. It provides very effective protection at a reasonable cost. We found this product's ease of use, deployment and management, coupled with its à-la-carte pricing, makes it a great investment in network protection.

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