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Savant Protection v3.3


Savant Protection



£1,995 (inc. Management Console and 100 desktop clients)

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Strengths: Very strong solution for locking down endpoints. Whitelisting approach signifies administration and management

Weaknesses: Relies on other solutions for AV

Verdict: A great approach to defending against zero-hour threats

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Savant Protection v3.3 takes a unique approach to combating malware. It was the only product reviewed that provides whitelisting capabilities.

The decentralised management approach allows the endpoint device to control the execution of applications. It does this by establishing a unique key, or signature, for each application and device that prevents applications from being moved to another device and run. By controlling which applications can run on each endpoint device, Savant Protection can control the level of security. Its approach is to provide system lock-down, prevent the use of unauthorised software and eliminate the intrusion and spread of malware.

The Savant Enterprise Management System (SEMS) serves as a centralised console from which systems can be maintained and information collected. Its Management Console enables groups of devices to be configured through a simple, easy-to-use, centralised, web-based interface.

The server load requires time to complete. It is a multi-step process and includes loading an Apache web server, MySQL, ODBC drivers and then the SEMS application. The client can be loaded in two ways: manually, or via a preconfigured package automated using the Savant MSI and Microsoft Installer Transforms. We would have preferred a tighter integration with a directory services solution.

Apart from the lack of AD integration, we were very pleased with the remaining management interface capabilities.

Savant has extensive logging and alerting capabilities. It has decent built-in reports and the ability to create custom reports and published database views for use by external reporting systems. System intelligence harvests hardware and app information.

The inventory capability was a useful feature and delivered a lot of what more expensive solutions would provide.

Phone and knowledgebase support on a set basis is included. Additional support options are available for a fee.

At a price of £1,995 including the Management Console and 100 clients for desktops, or £1,295 for the Management Console and 100 clients for POS, this solution is reasonable value for money.

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