Round oneBest Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Protection

The hot topic of the past year has been advanced persistent threat (APT). Few now doubt the reality of advanced and well-resourced attackers, from nation states to criminal entities, working away across all vectors, month after month, to infiltrate, exfiltrate and disrupt.  What are the best products and services that we are coming up with to tackle this new threat?


The finalists...


Lancope StealthWatch System- Best APT Solution

CyberArk Privileged Account Security solution (v8)

Websense TRITON Enterprise

Trend Micro Deep Discovery

FireEye Oculus

Zscaler for APTs

Lumension Endpoint Management and Security Suite


Round Two: Best Cloud Computing Security Solution


The cloud has too many benefits - in terms of flexibility and cost saving - to be ignored. But it brings with it a host of new security issues that have to be addressed. How can you take advantage of cloud computing while meeting your compliance requirements and ensuring your data is kept safe? 


The finalists...

CipherCloud Platform

Trend Micro Deep Security

British Telecommunications Cloud Security Futures

Rapid7 UserInsight

GFI Cloud

Vormetric Encryption

Blue Coat Global Cloud Infrastructure


Round Three: Best Web Content Management Solution

For many companies, the website is not just a shop window, it is the engine room – whether they be an online retailer, information provider or online bank. But the increasing complexity of information, customer and client data, and real world transactions mean that security of web content is paramount.


The finalists...

Websense Web Security Gateway Anywhere

Clearswift SECURE Web Gateway

Trustwave Secure Web Gateway

GFI WebMonitori

Blue Coat PacketShaper


Round Four: Best Data Leakage Prevention (DLP) Solution

Whether it is malicious or accidental, the impact of data leaks can be financial or reputational, and include increasingly punitive fines from regulators. This all adds to security pressure so the race is on to plug those leaks, permanently.


The finalists...

Websense Data Security Suite


WatchGuard DLP




Round Five: Best Email Security Solution

While email is unlikely to be the intentional delivery mechanism for sensitive information, the fact is that a lot our valuable data does travel via email, and it needs to be protected when intended, and prevented when not.


The finalists...


Websense Email Security Gateway Anywhere

AirWatch Mobile Email Management

SonicWALL Hosted Email Security

Halon E-mail Security

Boldon James Email Classifier

Mimecast Email Security

McAfee Email Security

Proofpoint Email Security Solution Award Entry

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