Round Ten: Best Multi-factor Solution

Passwords may be passe, but authentication remains a key element in ensuring a secure system, with multi-factor solutions demanded for sensitive information, for if the wrong people have access to your most valuable data, then all your spend elsewhere is simply by-passed.


The finalists... 

HID Global ActivID Authentication Appliance

Swivel Secure Multifactor Authentication Solution

M-Pin Multifactor Authentication Platform

Encap - Next Generation Authentication Technology



Round Eleven: Best NAC Solution

Network Access Control (NAC) solutions are increasing in sophistication to unify endpoint technology, and while much focus is now on insider threats, the perimeter still needs to be defended by anti-virus, host intrusion, vulnerability assessment, authentication and network security enforcement. And although that approach may be seen as traditional, the options are keeping pace with rapid development of new threats.


The finalists...


ForeScout CounterACT

Bradford Networks' Network Sentry

Trustwave NAC



Round Twelve: Best Risk/ Policy Management Solution


Most data breaches are not failures of technology, but of people, either because the correct policies were not in place, were not communicated or not followed. So what are the components of a policy that people will follow, that lets them do their job without compromising security at the least – and ideally, enhancing it? And what level of risk is acceptable for your business? Have you even calibrated your risk factors?


The finalists...

FireMon SecurityManager

QualysGuard Policy Compliance

Rapid7 ControlsInsight

Venafi Director Platform

AlgoSec Security Management Suite

Skybox Security Risk Policy Solution

Blue Coat Security and Policy Enforcement Center 


Round Thirteen: Best SIEM Solution

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) technology continues to advance with new ways to ensure the generation and analysis of network security alerts in real-time. Whether via software, appliances or managed services, data is increasingly inspected not only for perimeter breach, but to locate and remediate anomalous internal traffic and activity, as well as ensure credible reports are generated for compliance purposes.


The finalists...

LogRhythm's SIEM and Security Intelligence Platform


ArcSight ESM

McAfee Enterprise Security Manager

AlienVault's Unified Security Management (USM)

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