SC Awards Europe 2020 - Best Authentication Technology


WINNER - Best Authentication Technology: iProov

Our judges said that, “ iProov presented some solid business benefits for its solution. The linked video was very good describing the innovative nature of iProov in particular bringing out the AI aspects.”

They added: “Great to see technology which is able to prove the actual identity of a person behind the device. Game changing for customers and companies looking for speed with security,” concluding, “Really well presented and very relevant for today's customer. Innovative good product.”

iProov provides facial biometric services to authenticate remote users more simply, yet more securely, than has ever been possible before. It does this by flashing a series of colours at an individual’s face for 2-3 seconds as they hold their phone in front of them. iProov says that to assure ‘genuine presence’; in self-serve identity verification, a system must confirm that the person is genuinely the owner of an ID credential – not a photo, recording, or synthetic video.

iProov remote authentication does four very complex things at the same time: It checks for genuine presence - that you are the right person but it also checks that you are a real-person, right now in a way that prevents the use of photographs or videos to fraudulently bypass biometric checks. It maximises usability with passive liveness authentication. It delivers maximum, sustainable security using ML and AI anti-spoofing capability that adapts to the ever-evolving threats and techniques of cybercrime. And it maximises success rates (average 1.1 attempts to complete compared to 2.4 for its nearest competitor).

Highly Commended


iDENprotect offers a secure authentication experience that is truly Password-Free experience, reducing frustration for users as well as risk and cost for the organisation, including providers and consumers of ePayment systems preparing for PSD2/SCA regulatory requirements.

Our judges said: “Finally a password free solution, which still protects and provides cost savings.” They described it as a,”really exciting solution,” and a, “potential disruptor,” as it “seems to be talking a good leap forward utilising PKI technology.”



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