SC Awards Europe 2020 - Best Cloud Computing Security Solution


WINNER - Best Cloud Computing Security Solution:Proofpoint

Proofpoint CASB unifies DLP incident management across cloud apps, email, and on-premises repositories to simplify day-to-day operations.

It is designed to deliver people-centric and high-efficacy security analytics that protect users from account compromise, malicious files, and data loss.

This agentless solution combines: compromised account detection and automated response; protection against malicious files; data security including data loss prevention (DLP); cloud and third-party apps governance; adaptive access controls. Powerful analytics and adaptive controls help companies grant the right levels of access to users and third-party apps based on the risk factors that matter most to protecting users from account compromise, malicious files, and data loss.

Our judges agreed that Proofpoint CASB provides a, “flexible, agentless solution with low TCO,” that it had a, “good console” and remoarke on how it had, “automation of response built in.” in particular they said it had a, “really impressive renewal rate and customer feedback.”

Highly Commended


Cloud Optix is a powerful tool that automates and simplifies the detection and response of cloud security vulnerabilities and misconfigurations to reduce risk exposure. The AI-powered, next-generation security solution delivers continuous monitoring, compliance, analytics and guided remediation across different platforms and accounts.

Our judges noted that it offers, “Complete continuous visibility, ROI calculator,” as well as being, “scalable solution with good coverage.” They were also impressed by its, “ collaboration through a trusted network of partners which gives customers greater flexibility.”



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