SC Awards Europe 2020 - Best Customer Service


WINNER - Best Customer Service: Vectra

Vectra has created a UI that is clean, simple and intuitive to use, and so is quick to be able to use effectively. User documentation is embedded directly in the UI, and some on the company’s online Help Centre and Knowledge Base. These include deployment guides, troubleshooting guides, guide to threat detection behaviours, overview hints and tips, and video introductions.

Last year the company achieved 100 percent positive customer satisfaction responses and replied to every single initial enquiry within 1 hour. A major contributor to this performance is that the company deliberately doesn't measure time to close as it would then influence support engineers to close tickets early, instead of working with the customer to maximise customer satisfaction. Customer Support Engineers are measured only on customer satisfaction, traditional support metrics are not internally published, and this drives Support Engineers to ensure that the customer has everything they need to be successful.

Our judges said: “High praise from customers says it all.” They described Vectra’s submission as, “very comprehensive,”, saying its entry, “covers all aspects and has good customer testimonials,” concluding, “Some great customer resources on the site and the information provided checks out.”

Highly Commended


Our judges commended Mimecast for its, “impressive 13 touchpoints for customers,” with “flexible implementation”. They said that the company provided, “An excellent submission, supported by excellent testimonials,” that it had a, “Comprehensive service, clearly explained with authentic testimonials.” Another agreed that there were, “ Interesting customer touch points and free resources for customers on their site and I have come across many happy customers during my time in industry.”

Mimecast offers a wide range of easily-accessible documentation to support its products and services. The goal is to empower Mimecast admins and users to adjust the product and collateral to suit their business needs. The Mimecast Knowledge Base maps out all the help and support in a single online repository.


Barracuda Networks

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