SC Awards Europe 2020 - Best Email Security Solution


WINNER - Best Email Security Solution: Barracuda

Barracuda, Total Email Protection combines multiple, integrated layers of security in a single bundle that is easy to buy, implement, and use. It provides all four layers of email protection: secure email gateway, inbox defence, security awareness training and automated incident response.
This results in comprehensive protection against business email compromise, account takeover and CEO fraud.

Because TEP bundles four industry-leading capabilities in one package, procurement is simplified, savings delivered, integration chores avoided, support made easy, and all at far lower risk than building your own solution. And the fixed annual subscription allows organisations to budget more effectively in line with their head-count projections. Office 365 APIs integrate with employee mailboxes, enabling access to external, internal and historic mail flow and learning the behavioural patterns of each user enables the system to spot anomalies and flag attacks, including those originating from internal accounts – critical for detecting account takeover.

“A very compelling entry here providing a great story as to why this is a top notch product,” said our judges, adding, “Good AI based solution, detecting targeted attacks. Another technology that provides employee training.” The judges concluded that Barracuda provided an, “excellent submission with video, costs and customer feedback. The product provides some valuable layers of protection within the category.”

Highly Commended


Glasswall FileTrust for Email is a scalable cloud-based email security service using Glasswall’s d-FIRST technology to regenerate a clean version of the original file in milliseconds, removing macros, URLs and embedded files according to each organisation’s policies. It is able to disarm file-based threats and the service seamlessly integrates with existing email platforms such as Microsoft Office365. Glasswall does not require signatures, heuristics or any machine learning to be effective, has low TCO with interesting CDR technology.

“What a hugely capable product used by organisations that need the very best,” said one judge, while another commented: “A great addition to the arsenal if you're looking at extensive "email content cleaning".


Red Sift

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