SC Awards Europe 2020 - Best Emerging Technology


WINNER - Best Emerging Technology: SecuPi

SecuPi software platform delivers data-centric security and compliance, enabling organisations to discover, monitor in real-time, anonymise and logically delete access to sensitive data based on user attributes/roles and customer consent, or deletion requests.

Our judges said, “This company provides an interesting capability which can aid companies to achieve compliance with data privacy regulatory frameworks.” They added that the solution was, “a valuable product in a privacy-driven landscape, supported by detailed use cases and customer testimonials, as well as information on product support models,” saying the company, “understands privacy and security, offering complimentary solutions for both.” In conclusion the judges said: “Data-focused solutions such as this are essential to securely manage data and achieve compliance.”

SecuPi uses self-contained application overlays or gateways transparently installed on analytics applications and DBA tools without code changes, ETL processes, or any UDFs. It features advanced data discovery, data flow mapping and real time activity monitoring and auditing features. ABAC implementation implements policies such as data anonymisation, masking, minimisation, encryption and decryption, soft/hard deletion, geo-fencing and more. It is platform agnostic and supports all IT environments including Cloud, Cloud DWH, and On-prem.

Highly Commended


Wire is a secure collaboration platform featuring messaging, voice and video calling, file-sharing, and external collaboration all protected by end-to-end encryption for all communications - voice, video, files, and messages - delivered securely across firewalled networks.

Our judges said the offering demonstrated, “good understanding of modern ways of working, the issues underpinning the current tools, and that is allowing them to take on a worthy but big challenge,” adding, “Good use of collaboration tools and encryption,” with, “scalable service provision.”


SOC Prime

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