SC Awards Europe 2020 - Best Endpoint Security


WINNER - Best Endpoint Security: FireEye

“FireEye are market and opinion leaders in this space and their products/services are excellent,” said our judges, adding that FireEye Endpoint security is a, “Comprehensive product with multi-layered defence in depth.”Another agreed saying, “Endpoint protection, detection and response providing complete solution,” with the consensus being, “reliably good”.

FireEye Endpoint Security employs multi-level endpoint defence including endpoint protection, detection and response in a single agent. Combining multiple protection engines, endpoint detection and response (EDR) and threat intelligence provides protection from common and advanced threats. It delivers intelligence-based indicators of compromise to defend the most common entry points to a given environment - an organisation’s desktops, laptops and servers - to help companies detect and respond to threats that bypass protection. FireEye’s extensive knowledge of attacker tools, techniques and practices created MalwareGuard, trained with public and private data sources from more than 17 million endpoint agents, and a million plus hours of incident response attack analyses.

A focus on integrating intelligence to constantly improve its engines to detect the latest threats is designed to ensure that when Endpoint Security triggers an alert, users know it’s worth investigating.

Highly Commended


CrowdStrike Falcon was complemented by the judges for its, “comprehensive integrated approach, with certain aspects using machine learning,” and its, “innovative cloud deployment.” It came in as Highly Commended with very strong support, one judge saying “It doesn't get any better than this,” - contradicted by his co-judges who gave even higher scores to the eventual winner. Nonetheless, another judge said she had, “Never come across a client not happy with this endpoint protection. It can be ingested into open source tools for analysis and aggregation, which makes it a malleable tool for customers.”

Falcon, combined with OverWatch, CrowdStrike’s threat hunting service, provides a powerful and comprehensive solution that delivers instant results to organisations who are looking for visibility into sophisticated and potentially unnoticed adversaries on their networks. CrowdStrike unifies the critical elements of endpoint security (NGAV, EDR, Managed Threat Hunting) into a single integrated solution delivered via the cloud.


Ericom Software


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