SC Awards Europe 2020 - Best Identity Management Solution


WINNER - Best Identity Management Solution: My1Login

The judges were impressed by My1Login Enterprise IAM’’s “Interesting encryption model (client side rather than server side). Wide range of integration options using standards such as SAML as well as connecting to legacy applications that do not support these standards.” It was also noted how the company is, “very focused on both customer and end user needs. Customers like them, and they take compliance seriously.” Other pluses included, “ease of use of product, scalability and seamless integration,” as well as, “proven technology, clear market demand, recognising user experience.” is a cloud based IAM, supported through the use of very high grade encryption options. An expanding suite of products including access controls, privileged access management, identity manager , and auditing options. The UI is simple and friendly and overall provides a good experience for both IT technicians and end-users.

My1Login only stores encrypted data. The keys remain securely inside the perimeter of its customer’s enterprise network, hence My1Login is unable to access customer data, it provides authentication into all application types ranging from web through to legacy Windows desktop apps and can both offer a user portal, or provide SSO silently in the background so that no user training is required. By removing the need for users to know Passwords it drastically cuts phishing. Policy-based Provisioning/De-Provisioning of users cuts IT administration and the system has pro-active detection of Shadow-IT.

Highly Commended


OneLogin’s Trusted Experience Platform (TEP) enables companies to provide secure, scalable and smart experiences as a complete identity and access management (IAM) solution that manages all of an enterprise client’s digital identities for its workforce and customers. It leverages advanced AI capabilities to deliver real-time authentication and threat detection, so businesses are always one step ahead of bad actors.

Our judges noted how OneLogin’s proprietary Vigilance AI engine, “delivers a context-aware authentication experience to end users by continuously monitoring user behaviour.” They described the offering as a: “Comprehensive IAM for workforce as well as customers. Includes MFA, passwordless solution as well as context based AI solution.” This cloud-based identity and access management (IAM) solution for organisations with a minimum of 100+ users. Offering simple single sign-on (SSO) and passwordless authentication which, “makes management at scale easier,” by providing “Effective access control,” noting it has a strong client base and creative business model.


Ping Identity

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