SC Awards Europe 2020 - Best Professional Training or Certification Programme


WINNER - Best Professional Training or Certification Programme: Think Cyber Security

“Really innovative and so simple it’s a wonder we don’t see more of this,” said our judges about winning entrant Think Cyber Security Ltd’s Redflags Real-time security awareness. They also described it’s aim of changing behaviours rather than just training staff as an, “Interesting concept and approach,” and “strong and innovative,” concluding that it is a “great real time solution - embedding behaviours into everyday life rather than a tick box exercise.”

ThinkCyber says its Redflags product applies the theory and evidence of behavioural science to deliver real-time, context aware-guidance – at the point the user is at risk. Short, actionable and highly relevant content educates the user. Gentle and timely “nudges” strengthen knowledge, but more importantly than knowledge – strengthen behaviours. Average engagement levels with Redflags are cited at 88 percent across 10 items of content, halving click rates in three months.

“Awareness” is pushed directly onto users’ devices, and can be targeted at specific users and at specific user behaviours, eg
when they plug in a USB stick they’re nudged how to use it securely; a phishing reminder when opening email; guidance on secure passwords when they need to change it.

Highly Commended
Layer 8

“Wow, actually talking to people! A human, straightforward approach and surely what security awareness training should look like,” was the reaction of one judge to the Layer 8 approach to staff training. “Changing Security Culture Through Conversation presented a well documented and fit for purpose training solution.It has tapped into the human element and culture. It's a good use of tech to engage audiences,” said another. Overall the judges felt that Layer8, “results demonstrate positive impact,” and featured, “great use of tooling combined with face to face iteration.”

In the Layer8 approach Security Champions are up-skilled in security knowledge and implementation skills. They are coached in supporting skills to increase their effectiveness and motivation as a Champion. And they are provided materials to use to educate the rest of the business, allowing individualised learning at scale with the focus on changing behaviour.



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