SC Congress London News, Articles and Updates

SC Congress London: NCSC mission to change cyber-security culture explained

National Cyber Security Centre technical director Dr Ian Levy explained how the government will create a more rational approach to cyber-security.

Hundreds attend SC Congress in London

Around 400 cyber-security professionals, including more than 300 delegates as well as speakers, sponsors and press, packed out the SC Congress conference in London on Tuesday to see more than a dozen industry experts raise issues including the future of the CISO, APT and Internet of Things attacks.

SC Congress London mulls data breach responsibility

Delegates and panelists debate breach liability, response, and the need for a plan of action.

Open SSL insecurity - can cyber insurance fill the gaps?

Experts argue the need for response over detection - with a large side order of insurance to counter the Open SSL insecurity issue.

CEOs and CISOs must share blame for data breaches

Data breaches continue to make the news, with eBay and Target the most prominent of recent victims, but questions are now being asked on which personnel should take the blame.

Security awareness training should 'change how people think'

Security awareness training must be high on the agenda of best practice when companies fight off cyber threats, experts concluded at the SC Congress London.

Target breach aftermath: Is PCI compliance a 'tick box' exercise?

PCI compliance was called a 'gold standard' and 'secure baseline' at a conference in London today, but not all believe that it does enough to guard against data breaches.

Chained to a computer, but trying to be useful - Q and A with Eddie Copeland

Q and A with SC Congress London speaker, Eddie Copeland.

Superman and General Zod - Q and A with Stewart Room

Q and A with SC Congress London speaker, Stewart Room.

Never Forget the 80-20 Rule - Q and A with Derrick Bates

Q & A with SC Congress London speaker, Derrick Bates

SC Congress London: Met Police admits cybercrime mistakes

Mark Jackson, detective superintendent of the recently-established Met Police Cyber Crime Unit, has admitted that London's police are only just finding out how to tackle cyber-crime.

SC Congress London: Bottom-up security awareness has C-level benefits

A stellar panel of infosec experts told a packed audience at SC Congress London on Thursday that security awareness can play an integral role in educating C-suite on threats coming from inside and outside the company.

SC Congress London: BYOD issues remain in post-Blackberry era

Bring Your Own Device is making waves in business, but concerns remain on how employees use personal smartphones and tablets, how they're managed and the laws to which companies must adhere.

Brian Brackenborough, CISO, Channel 4

At SC Congress London, Brian Brackenborough, CISO at Channel 4 will have a session titled "Inside, outside, upside-down: Staying ahead of the threat, wherever it comes from."

Rick Doten, CISO, DMI

Before becoming CISO at DMI, Rick Doten washed dishes at the York Steak House located at a Northern Virginia shopping mall. Get to know more about Doten before his talk at SC Congress London titled "Going Mobile."

John Howie, COO, Cloud Security Alliance

If the battle between IT security pros and cyber threats were embodied in comic book characters, John Howie, COO at the Cloud Security Alliance, believes that Batman and the Joker would best represent it.