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SC Congress 2018: How we recover once we've suffered a ransomware attack

It's become so easy for anyone to pull-off a ransomware attack even an 11 year old could do it, Raj Samani, chief scientist for McAfee told delegates at a masterclass during SC Media UK Congress 2018 last week.

SC Congress 2018: What's happening on your network?

Not knowing who or what is on your network is leaving organisations vulnerable to cyber-crime including ransomware. Although there are technical issues, training and personnel is a bigger problem.

SC Congress London: NCSC mission to change cyber-security culture explained

National Cyber Security Centre technical director Dr Ian Levy explained how the government will create a more rational approach to cyber-security.

SC Congress Toronto 2016: Finish Line leverages IT auditing service to secure increase in cyber budget

In the perennial corporate tug-of-war over budget, Finish Line's director of security and compliance Cory Deeter recently relied on an independent security assessment service to influence upper-level executives to increase funding for cyber-security initiatives.

SC Congress Toronto 2016: Cyber needs to speak language of the C-suite

Communicating with the C-suite depends in part of creating a language they understand and identifying company assets that are most important, panelists told an SC Congress Toronto audience.

SC Congress Atlanta: Ransomware, a real or overblown threat?

A panel Tuesday at SC Congress Atlanta delved into a debate over how serious the threat is posed by ransomware.

SC Congress Atlanta: What are the drivers for cyber insurance?

A panel of industry insiders at SC Congress Atlanta looked at cyber-insurance, taking a look at what is driving the industry's quick growth.

SC Congress Amsterdam: Cyber-warfare - "we are all involved in this"

Although some would argue that cyber-war is still in its infancy, it is - according to our panel of experts at the SC Congress Amsterdam - well under way across the globe.

SC Congress Amsterdam: Info sharing essential to combating cyber crime

A panel convened at SC Congress Amsterdam's session on preventing cyber-crime. They agreed that we need to consider the threat, our response and how we might become equally and better organised than our opponents.

SC Congress: Are you ready for the new EU data protection regulation?

Jamie Randall, Elisabeth DeLeeuw and Dai Davis joined SC Congress Amsterdam's panel to talk about some of the problems, and potential benefits of the upcoming EU data protection regulations.

SCNY Congress: helping secure IoT

Secure communications for mobile is still widely overlooked and mission critical to the success of securing the Internet of Things (IoT).

SCNY Congress panel: Mind the gap! IT security

The SC Congress NY conference took place yesterday, 20 October.