It has been the talking point of the week, and with sales apparently heading towards the million mark, the Apple iPad took a brief landing in the hands of SC Magazine.

So what I can tell you about it? Well as has been well reported, it is much smaller than you would expect and it does operate much like the iPhone – although it is considerably slimmer than its handheld brother.

As the model demonstrated belongs to senior management at SC Magazine's publisher, I decided against a demonstration of thejailbreaking' from earlier this week, or downloading of choice applications.

All I can say is that with a full screen it is likely to be ideal for video or full page reading, and with the tablet market thriving thanks to the likes of the Amazon Kindle already in the market, there will be the Apple factor when it comes to purchasing and PR.

For me, well my time was limited and my experience restricted, but it is undoubtedly a step forward for Apple. Future developments will be rather more appealing I suspect.