A new survey is set to discover the truth behind how networks are infected and what part employee web access plays.

The survey, undertaken by Symantec Hosted Services in association with SC Magazine, will identify how much of a part employee use of email and web services plays when it comes to malware infections, and how employee access is both monitored and restricted.

A survey will be open for entry over the course of the next month, with results set to be announced in the next issue of SC Magazine and discussed online in a future edition of SC Studio.

Paul Fisher, editor of SC Magazine, said: “We often consider employee activity when talking about networks becoming compromised and the results of this survey will give us a much clearer picture of how employees are monitored when using the web, and the threat that they pose.”

Matt Charman, marketing manager at Symantec Hosted Services, said: “Symantec Hosted Services are pleased to join with SC Magazine in this survey and we anticipate some very interesting results around the perceived risks from web use in the workplace.”

The survey is available at - www.surveymonkey.com/s/HSLCRRT - and is open for entries until the 31st July, 2010.