Meeting the New Security Challenges in Cloud and Virtualisation Technologies

Wednesday 20th May 2009

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It is now widely accepted that the new wave of cloud and virtualised computing technologies bring freedom and operational benefits to the enterprise. Against the background of a serious recession the costs benefits are also hard to ignore.

However, this transformation brings with it a number of new security challenges. For example, how do you ensure that your compliance commitments will be maintained in the cloud and/or virtualised environment? Can you trust a cloud supplier to be as diligent as you would be when processing business and customer data? What should you be asking when running applications in the cloud or virtual environment?

What about your staff? Can they securely access the business applications they need from the cloud as and when they want? Finally, does the shift to cloud and virtualised computing make life better or more risky for your customers?

This webcast will look at these issues and more. With expert advice it will help you design and implement secure cloud and virtualisation policies for your business.

Chaired by Paul Fisher, editor, SC Magazine

Alan Cottom, technical manager, Stonesoft