Serious flaws in rail networks are opening trains to stealing and derailment according to a group of Russian industrial control specialist hackers known as Scada Strangelove.

Sergey Gordeychik, Aleksandr Timorin and Gleb Gritsai say that there are possible paths between the operational systems and passenger entertainment systems on some trains.

The team says that human programming mistakes are the reason for remote code execution holes that have the potential to affect interlocking systems. In particular they highlighted the threat from bugs in device drivers and the complexity of interlocked systems on the rail networks, stations and ticketing systems which can be very complex in systems throughout Europe.

The trio of hackers has published 37 hardcoded credentials to prod vendors into taking action. “We are releasing the list to force vendors to not use hardcoded and default passwords,” Gordeychik said.

The hackers say they have assisted with the removal of 60,000 vulnerable industrial control systems from the internet.