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Microsoft worker pleads not guilty in ransomware case

In the US a Florida man has been charged with two federal charges related to the Reveton ransomware scam that prosecutors say he helped operate prior to his hiring at Microsoft.

A brief history of crime: Email scammers push fake Stephen Hawking contest

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that a recently observed spam campaign offering a US$ 8 million (£5.7 million) prize to whoever can answer three questions about the late Stephen Hawking is a big-time scam.

Phishing scam exposes W-2 forms of Keokuk, US employees and officials

The small US Iowan city of Keokuk has disclosed that a cyber-criminal used a phishing scam to fraudulently obtain an electronic file containing the 2017 W-2 tax forms of current and former employees and elected officials.

BeeToken customers duped out of £700,000 worth of Ethereum in phishing scam

BeeToken customers were duped out of more than US$1 million (£700,000) worth of Ethereum in a phishing scam targeting BeeToken's initial coin offering (ICO) in a scam similar to the one that targeted Experty earlier this week.

Russian man arrested for petrol stealing malware

Russian authorities Sunday arrested Denis Zayev in Stavropol, Russia, on charges stemming from a widespread scam that swindled petrol station customers into paying for more petrol than they actually pumped into their tank.

Retailers need to identify and block threats to online shoppers

To prevent fraud, online retailers need to widen their cyber-security perimeters to encompass virtual geographies such as the deep web and social networking sites to identify and block fraud threats before they are executed.

Email scam using Xero invoice as bait detected

A large email scam centered on a fake Xero invoice was detected by the firm Mailguard, the second such campaign using the popular cloud-based accounting software this month.

Rogue ads serve up tech support scams, believed from India

Tech support scammers abuse Taboola and native ads to spread scam malware

Arab corporate users being targeted with "fake extortion" attack

Over the weekend of 25-26th August, users across the GCC were targets of an attempted 'Fake Extortion' email campaign that passed through security filters and reached its intended victims' corporate inboxes.

Gang of four arrested in the UK for tech support telephone scam

Four people have been arrested in the UK and charged with running a tech support scam posing as Microsoft technical support personnel.

Hackers cyber-squat hundreds of UK bank domains to trick web users

DomainTools discovers more than 300 fake websites fooling customers into thinking they're clicking on top UK bank websites.

Pokémon Go scammers turn to social media and imitation apps

The popularity of Pokémon Go is continuing to attract scammers looking to exploit users in search of a leg up in the game.

SMS scam targets friends and family of 'Sarah'

Malwarebytes researchers spotted a SMS scam in the UK targeting parents and adults who know someone by the name Sarah.

Researcher infects tech scammer with Locky for messing with his mother

A cyber-vigilante took internet justice into his own hands when he infected the computer of an tech support scammer with Locky ransomware.

Shark ransomware-as-a-service chomps its way to a 20% commission

A new type of ransomware called Shark is being offered for rent on an 'as-a-service' basis payable with a 20 percent cut of the payments it generates to its creators.

Authorities arrest Nigerian mastermind of $US60m online scam operation

A 40-year-old Nigerian national and alleged online scam artist, accused of bilking his victims out of more than $US60 million (£45m), was arrested in Port Harcourt, Nigeria in a joint operation.

Fake Tinder sites lure users to give up financial info

In the UK, 41 percent of online daters have been spammed or scammed when using online dating services.

InfoSec 2016: Dr Jessica Barker explains why social engineering works

Dr Jessica Barker took to the stage at InfoSecurity Europe 2016 to explain why social engineering works and what we can do to reduce its effectiveness.

It's a trap! WhatsApp Gold 'premium' version lures users to malware

A new scam is tricking users of WhatsApp into downloading a so-called exclusive version of the app called 'WhatsApp Gold', which infects mobile devices with malware.

Tech support scammers turn to screen locking malware to fleece victims

Attackers have taken it back some ways by using old tactics to pull off new scams

Scammers impersonate legit cyber-security companies

A scammer syndicate has been caught impersonating the services of cyber-security companies and charging high fees for doing very little.

Amazon UK customers targeted with phishing scam

Researchers at Malwarebytes spotted an email phishing scam on Wednesday that targets Amazon users in the UK.

Nigerian man sentenced to 12 years for operating spam scheme

A Nigerian man was sentenced to more than 12 years in a prison and ordered to pay US $13 million in restitution for his role in an internet fraud scheme