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Poor staff monitoring sees £100k fine for TalkTalk 21,000 record breach

The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) fined TalkTalk Telecom Group PLC £100,000 because it did not have appropriate technical or organisational measures in place to keep personal data secure.

Prospective students tricked into handing over confidential information

Prospective Newcastle University students are being scammed into handing over details and making payments for fake courses.

Nigerian scammers launch phishing attacks against industrial companies

Scams apparently originating from Nigeria are thriving on the web, according to data on 500 companies in 50 countries which was recently analysed by Kaspersky Lab.

Don't be fooled by tax scams this quarter as hackers ramp up activity

David Emm discusses the various types of tax scams and top tips for staying safe when managing tax affairs this year.

Loads of NoTrove scam ads threaten consumers and digital advertising

A new threat actor identified as NoTrove is delivering millions of scam ads that threaten consumers and further undermine the digital advertising industry.

After a decade, why can't we finally be rid of the Microsoft scam?

Oren Kedem asks if we're using the right methods to teach victims about scams or are some other forces preventing the warning messages from being effective?

Most common January online sales scams revealed

In 2015, 594 million people worldwide were affected by online crime. Of those that fell victim to cyber-crime in 2015, one in seven UK victims had their financial information hijacked after shopping online.

£360m to be spent on counterfeit goods during Christmas holiday

Consumers beware! More than likely, £73 million will be spent on counterfeit goods this Christmas Day alone.

Sun, sea and shadow IT

Chris Mayers provides warnings and advice for firms to help them stay safe as more workers log on when on holiday.

SMEs under attack from surge in fake invoice fraud

Small businesses have been warned by Cifas and Action Fraud to be on high alert for fake invoices.

Card and banking fraud back on the rise again

Banking and card fraud back on the rise again says the FFA UK as crime increasingly moves online.

Only 1 in 5 professionals can spot phishing scams

Not always easy to spot a phish says McAfee

Africa's cybercrime gangs move way beyond 419 scams

African cyber-criminals have expanded far beyond the simple '419' Nigerian scams they are notorious for, and are now using sophisticated botnets, RATs and targeted attack techniques, according to Trend Micro.

Get Safe Online publishes online safety hints, tips and videos

Experts say the government should get involved with tackling the challenge of social engineering scams

Dropbox can be a recipe for security governance problems

A new phishing campaign on Dropbox has been discovered.

World Cup scammers use Twitter to steal gaming credentials

With just weeks to go until the start of FIFA's football World Cup, scammers have created bogus Twitter accounts in a bid to steal EA log-in credentials.

Fake AV apps spotted on Google Play, Windows Phone Store

Kaspersky Lab UK has spotted an increase in the number of fake anti-virus apps appearing in mobile app stores, with two recent programs imitating the firm's own products.

'Ministry of Justice' scam email attracts hundreds of calls

The Government's Action Fraud helpline has received hundreds of calls in just 24 hours from end users concerned about a new email phishing campaign that purports to come from the Ministry of Justice.

Phishing attacks soar by 20 percent

"Phishing attacks will continue to rise until it becomes more expensive for these cybercriminals to operate."

Facebook hit by apps scam on tenth birthday

Facebook had unwanted visitors on its tenth birthday - scammers that established a Facebook Apps page to phish for user credentials.

Fake Asos voucher scam tricks discount seekers

Scammers are targeting discount hunters with fake vouchers.

Bitcoin's value surges amid spate of ransomware attacks

The risk of ransomware attacks is surging as virtual currency Bitcoin's value rockets.