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Latvian man pleads guilty to role in malvertising-based scareware scheme

A Latvian national who at one point was the fifth most wanted cyber-criminal in the US pleaded guilty this week in a US federal court to supporting a scareware scheme targeting users of the Minneapolis Star Tribune's website.

Malvertising 'conglomerate' created 28 fake ad agencies to abuse platforms

A massive malvertising operation bought an estimated 1 billion ad views in 2017 under the guise of 28 different fake ad agencies, in what a new report is calling the largest operation of its kind last year.

Researchers spot Android Infostealer disguised as Chrome update

Zscaler researchers spotted an Android infostealer disguised as a Google Chrome update that is capable of terminating antivirus applications and even ending calls.

Scareware tricks Android users into downloading fake anti-virus app

Android owners are being persuaded to download fake anti-virus software.